One finds the day to day life in San Augustine, 

County provides a "small town" atmosphere that lures

 people  who  have  lived  in  the  large cities to 

the magic and escape of the Heart of the Pineywoods.


  San  Augustine  County, Texas  is  approximately  forty

  miles from  Angelina College,  and  is  located  within

  thirty minutes of  Stephen F. Austin State University.

  With  the    combination  of   these   institutions    San

  Augustine County,  Texas   provides a great  advanced

  educational opportunity for  its citizens and community.

Office of Admissions

Angelina College

P.O. Box 1768

Lufkin, Texas 75902-1768

Telephone (936) 639-1301

In  addition  to  the  library, Angelina

College   provides    extra   activities

such  as  a  terrific  basketball team. 

The facilities  also host regional play to many area high school basketball playoffs.

The  campus   of Angelina is

attractive, well   laid-out  and provides     facilities    for   a

great academic atmosphere.

Be  sure  to  take  a  tour of

this excellent institution.

If   you   are    looking   to   gain  an affordable   education   at  a college

with    a    proven    track   record of

preparing    students     for    further advancement,    then    you  should consider Angelina College .


  San Augustine County, Texas is located within easy driving distance
  of Associate to Master levels of advanced degrees.

  People learning and living in the Heart of the Pineywoods! 


   Lamar University

   Beaumont, Texas

   Within  approximately  a  two  hour  drive from San

   Augustine County,   Texas  one can be at  Lamar

   University   in  Beaumont,  Texas.   Home  of  the

   nationally  renowned  Cardinals  Basketball  team

   and a style known  as "Billy Ball"  named from the

   Athletic  Director  and  Coach  Billy Tubbs,  Lamar

   provides both high level academic and student life

   opportunities.    An inside item for San Augustine

   County, Texas, Coach Tubbs played on a National

   Junior    College  Championship  Team  under  the

   coaching of O. P. Adams, at Lon Morris College

   in Jacksonville, Texas. Adams, a mentor of today's

   "Billy Ball",reflects influence of the mentoring spirit!


   Admissions Lamar University:   

   Telephone: (409) 880-8888


   Stephen F. Austin State University

   Nacogdoches, Texas

   Stephen  F.  Austin  State  University is a perfectly

   sized state university combining quality academics

   with personal attention from professors who double

   as   friends   and   mentors.    Stephen  F. Austin's

   beautiful campus in the Pineywoods of East Texas

   -an easy drive from San Augustine County, Texas-

   offers you a safe, encouraging atmosphere to learn

   about your future and yourself.    Home of the SFA

   Jacks,  many  teachers  from  the   San Augustine

   County, Texas area  schools attend events at their

   alma mater.  SFA graduates will confirm that their

   learning  experience  provides  the  life  long skills

   and   friendships   needed  to  develop  personally

   and professionally. 

   Admissions Stephen F. Austin State University:


   Telephone: (936) 468-2504


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